THE DESSOFF CHOIRS | 2016–2017 Season


Jessica Barbour
Kristen Bloom
Jenness Crawford
Angelica Dosik
Christina Fairweather *
Amy Foster *
Kristen Gygi
Jacqueline Jones
Joan Kapfer
Isabel Koo
Rachel McDonnell
Erika Rohrbach *
Julie Siegmund
Kathryne Singleton
Priya Srikumar
Katherine Wolf *
Diana Young *†
Margaret Young
Meng Zhang


Susan Bradley
Michelle Chen
Perin Colah
Nancy De Vore *
Catherine Douglass †
Alicia Fahrner
Lisa Grow
Martha Hollander
Elizabeth Hollander
Stephanie Kim
Julie Lam
Deanna Lee
Paola Nunez del Prado
Elizabeth Paxton
Christina Peter
Julie Reust
Barbara Scharf Schamest *
Darcy Smith
Cyndee Socci *
Jaylan Turkkan *
Christina Vargas


Tansal Arnas *
Steven Brautigam
Brian Dumont
Christopher Ebert
Steve Kass †
David Lebson
Christopher Miller
Steven Stellman *
Andrew Willett


William Bodenlos
Loren Finkelstein
Brendon Glosser
Richard Hadsell
Robert Hand III
Eric Hansen
Peter Jakes
Michael Jorrin
Dylan Li
Francis Menton *
Ryan Mesina
Ian Milliken
Christopher Platt †
Alan Ravage
Marc Seidenstein
John Stolen
Steven Winn
Augustus Young

* Member, Board of Directors
† Section Leader

The Dessoff Choirs is one of New York City’s leading choruses, and is known for pioneering performances of choral works from the pre-Baroque era through the 21st century.


Auditions are by appointment only. Please contact us with your name and voice part. You do not need to bring a prepared piece. The audition consists of the following:

  • Vocalises
  • Pitch memory exercise
  • Sight reading
  • Text recitation (French, German, Latin)

The Singing Scholars Program

Each year since 2009, Dessoff has invited several talented New York City high school students to join the choir for one concert cycle, giving them the chance to rehearse and perform on an adult level. Students must be recommended by a teacher or choir director, and pass an audition with Dessoff’s music director.

Rehearsals are Monday evenings, 7-10 PM on the Upper East Side. If you are interested in joining us, please contact