Full-bodied sound and suppleness
— The New York Times
A long history of making excellent music
— New Music Connoisseur
One of the great amateur choruses of our time
— New York Today


Messiah Sing – December 17, 2016

“If you enjoy choral music or simply want to see an up-and-coming conductor/performer with a great future, check out the Dessoff Choirs. And, if singing is even sort of your thing, consider joining the Dessoff’s 2017’s Messiah Sing. You’ll tingle down to your toes. Hallelujah!”

— Mari S. Gold, New York Arts
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We Remember – November 7, 2016

“A rich and rewarding evening of choral music.”
“…the chorus sang with conviction, expressivity and evident passion, confident both in themselves and in Merriweather’s leadership of them…If We Remember, as Merriweather’s first concert as Dessoff’s music director and conductor is any indication, Merriweather’s just-begun tenure bodes well for Dessoff’s future not just in New York City, where it is a regular fixture on the musical scene, but nationally and beyond as well.”

— Jean Ballard Terepka, TheatreScene.net
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“To say that [We Remember]… honoring President John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr., was outstanding is a gigantic understatement.”
“The 60-voice chorus, founded in 1924, sang as one, providing crisp endings as needed and soaring voices in other places. … It’s a tribute to all that music as varied as [Stucky’s Take Him, Earth] with contemporary dissonance and sharp transitions and the [Mozart] Requiem were handled equally well. … They’re a wonderful group, full-voiced, precise and a pleasure to hear.”

— Mari S. Gold, New York Arts
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In the News

The New York Times
Sunday Routine: How Malcolm Merriweather, Musical Director of the Dessoff Choirs, Spends His Sundays

By John Leland, December 11, 2016
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PIX 11
#Changemakers: Malcolm J. Merriweather brings modern spin to classical music, gives back to kids in Haiti

By Tamsen Fadal and Rebecca Millman, December 5, 2016
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Breaking The Fourth Wall: Interview with choral director Malcolm Merriweather

By Tim Longo, November 25, 2016
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