Certificate of Incorporation


As of April 30, 1934

The name of the proposed corporation shall be THE DESSOFF CHOIRS INCORPORATED.

The purposes for which it is to be formed are:

To stimulate public interest in good music;

To offer an opportunity to those interested in music to perform musical compositions of merit;

To afford the public opportunity to hear performances of the best selection of musical compositions;

To encourage the development of composers and performers of music and in general to educate the public, the members of the corporation and others interested in music to an intelligent appreciation of the best musical art;

To form and maintain choirs, choruses and other bodies of singers or performers;

To give private and public performances;

To employ and pay compensation to conductors, accompanists, soloists, other artists, bands, orchestras and similar organizations or groups;

To employ managers, secretaries and such other business and clerical assistants as may be necessary or desirable in carrying out the purposes of the corporation;

To make contracts, leases, pledges;

To purchase, exchange, hire or otherwise acquire, or to rent, sell, or otherwise dispose of, property, both real and personal;

To take and give title to real estate or any interest or right therein;

And to own, hold, control, maintain, manage, mortgage or otherwise encumber and develop the same, and to receive and use legacies, devises, bequests, subscriptions and donations;

Generally to do all acts which are necessary, proper, advantageous or expedient to promote the complete and successful furtherance and execution of the objects of the corporation.

The naming of any specific acts herein shall not, however, be constructed as limiting in any way the general powers of the corporation.

The term “music” as used in this certificate of incorporation has particular reference to choral music but also includes all forms of music and musical expression.

The territory in which its operations are principally to be conducted is the City of New York.

The city and county in which its office is to be located are the City of New York, County of New York.

The number of its directors shall be not less than five (5) nor more than 25 (25).